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Dog Tested, Dog (and Human) Approved!

Five Favorite Doggo Purchases

The Dooley Ball

When Marty arrived as this little puppy with large paws, it did not take us long to see the destructor he would become. This dog loves to chew everything. Name it, he has chewed it. Socks? Yes. Couch? Of course. Crate bed? Delicious. Shoes? No brainer. Piece of wood with nails in it? We did not say he was smart. Besides his innate need to chew things, he is also an exceptionally large and energetic one year old. His two rescue sisters are lazy and do not get involved with his antics, so he is usually left to entertain himself during the day…hence all the chewing. I went down the Google hole in search of an indestructible toy that could keep Marty busy. On I came across the Dooley Ball, the “Virtually Indestructible Best Ball for Dogs”. I ordered two medium-sized and when these balls arrived, one red and one orange, it was love at first site. Warning, these balls are hard. Kick it and you will likely break a toe. However, the hard, plastic allows the ball to roll smoothly across the yard and with a simple push of his nose or paw, it supplies hours of solo fun. Since then, we have purchased larger sizes and the fun continues. Every day, rain, snow, or shine, you can find Marty playing outside with his indestructible balls.

Super Chewer BarkBox

Keeping with the theme of indestructible, I decided to try the monthly Super Chewer BarkBox subscription. I signed up for the 6th month subscription at $35/month. Included each month are two, highly indestructible chew toys that are usually themed. It also included two bags of yummy treats that are great for training and two, all-natural chews which are great for some low-key crate time. This box has been dog tested and dog approved. The toys are very sturdy and long lasting, and the themes are ridiculously adorable. In the Fall we got an owl and a turkey leg, Winter was a chair lift and a ball with ski googles on it, in February the toys were all love themed and in March a surprise Peanuts collection. Do the dogs care about the themes? Nope. I however think it is adorable and you will too! The treats are high quality and have been great for training and hiking and it is nice to have a change up every month. It keeps the dogs interested! The chew treats do not last long, but Marty is more than happy to have some down time in his crate with one. You can try out box with a monthly subscription for $45 or purchase up to 12-months for $30. Either way, if you have a chewer, I highly recommend this product.

T.J. Maxx and Marshalls

If you spoil your dog(s) as much as I do, then you know the expense it can be. All hail TJMaxx and Marshalls for having the most affordable pet toys and gear a dog lover could ask for. If you head over to the pet section, you will find a large display of toys from Kong’s to plush to play. All toys are so reasonably priced it is kind of insane. I can go and do a big swoop of my arm of dog toys, fill a bag, and leave only spending $30. It blows my mind every time. Not only do they have a great selection of fairly priced toys, but they also have dog beds, bowls, sweaters (I am guilty of buying these) and grooming needs that are all reasonably priced. I have gone into chain pet stores only to find that a thin, crate bed is $99. What?! Even if Marty did not chew his beds immediately, I still would not spend $99 on a crate bed. Next time you head out, make this your number one stop for your doggy needs. Do not be afraid to buy dog-themed bed sheets, a bin for dog toys (see above) or reasonably priced throw pillows to replace the ones your dog has destroyed.

Dog Pajamas

You either are or you are not a dog owner who wants to wear matching pajamas with their dog. I am! Callie is a Pitbull/hound mix. She inherited beautiful big hound ears, but the rest of her body is all Pitbull. We call her Chonky Pork Sausage because, well, she is chonky. Callie is the only dog in our house who does not have a double coat, so she gets cold easily. It can be hard to find clothing for her wide and stout body type. When I came across Pittie Clothing I was ecstatic to find a company that makes clothing specifically designed for the Pitbull body. It did not hurt that I could also get matching pajamas as well. The material is comfortable and well-made, and she genuinely enjoyed wearing it, especially during the cold New England Winter months. Extra bonus is that they donate dog gear to shelters and a percentage of their proceeds goes back to helping dogs in need. Matching jammies with your dog and helping dogs in need? It is a win-win!

Personalized Dog Collars

Etsy is a favorite of mine. If you have not been on, then you simply have not lived. It is a website curated for small businesses to have a platform to sell their homemade goods. Not only can you buy handmade beautiful items, but you are also supporting small businesses around the world. This past May I was looking for new collars for the girls and our newest addition, Marty. I specifically wanted a martingale collar as well as information printed directly on the collar rather than having tags. Voila! I found Shop Mimi Green on Etsy. The collars are bold, beautiful colors and the dog’s information is clear on the buckle. She has many different types of collars and designs. Next time you are in the market, go check out her shop! You will not be disappointed.

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