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FACTS - Forgotten Animals of Cleveland Texas Streets

The FACT Program provides support to the hundreds of dogs and cats living on the streets of Cleveland, Texas.  Donations made to this program will fund food, water and preventatives as well as gas, van maintenance and supplies for our Texas BTDR volunteers who are boots on the ground. 


Without a county shelter, we are limited to foster homes.  For those lucky enough to get off the streets, donations will cover the cost of veterinary care and spay/neuter.

Finally, funding will help over the cost of transport to get these animals on their freedom ride up to New England and other partner rescues.

Abandoned Mama and Pups

This sweet speckled mama and her 4 week old babies are some of the lucky ones.  We were able to secure a foster and get her and her little crew off the streets.  Living under and abandoned house, with no food or access to water, the temperatures were reaching 110 degrees.  They now safe in a clean and cool kennel, with nutritious food, plenty of water and flea medication.

Those Left Behind

For those who have no place to go, the FACTS Program makes sure that they are fed, watered and given heartworm, dewormer and flea/tick preventions.

The Rescue

When a foster steps up, it truly changes the life of that animal.  Honey was saved from the streets just a week before giving birth to 8 puppies. Without the fosters, this mama may not have survived.  Honey needed medical attention due to advanced heartworm and continuous bleeding after birth.

The Result

Honey and her babies are doing amazing.  Now fully weaned, Honey will be getting spayed and then completing her heartworm treatment before she is ready for her forever home.

Hilton, Astro, Altuve, Phyllis, Pixie, Ellie, Dottie & Aurora will be making their way to New England to find their forever homes. 

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