Adoption fee: $500

Adoption fees include:

  • spay/neuter*

  • vaccinations

  • rabies

  • microchip

  • heartworm test

  • fecal test

*If unfixed, fee will be reduced by $100. Adopter must have the dog fixed by 6 months of age and provide a certificate of proof

Better Together Dog Rescue is excited to help you find your new family member.  We believe strongly in the human-animal bond and feel everyone should have the opportunity to have a dog companion.  

We encourage you to read our adoption policy below.  The team at BTDR is always here for any questions you may have.  

Welcome to the BTDR Family!

Better Together Dog Rescue Adoption Policy

The following will be included in the adoption contract and signed by the adopter:

1) Better Together Dog Rescue transfer ownership of the Dog to the Adopter as of the date and time at which the Adopter or Adopter's representative takes possession. I assume all monetary responsibility for any and all needs of the Dog, will comply with local and state statutes and ordinances regarding animal ownership, and will provide proper care.  I, Adopter understand and agree that proper care includes but is not limited to:

     a) Providing the Dog full access to the home, fresh water, wholesome food,              adequate exercise, loving attention, necessary vaccinations, and veterinary care   as advised by a veterinarian, including immediate veterinary care should the  Animal become sick or injured.

     b) Keeping an identification tag attached to a properly fitted collar on the Dog and maintaining microchip registration with a current address, phone, and email.

2) Better Together Dog Rescue does not guarantee or make any warranties or representations regarding the health, temperament, training, behavior, or suitability of the Dog for adoption. any information or observations provided to the Adopter about the Dog is based on the limited information available to Better Together Dog Rescue at that time for adoption and may not be accurate or comprehensive; Adopter understand that the Dog may behave differently or unpredictably after adoption.

3) Better Together Dog Rescue is committed to all dogs adopted from the organization, to care for them in the event the adoption does not work out during the lifetime of each dog, and that adopted dogs are covered by the Lifetime Return Policy.

     a) If Adopter is unwilling or unable to care for the Dog at any point, they will contact   Better Together Dog Rescue and return the pet to the shelter or authorized  individual, as specified by Better Together Dog Rescue. Adopter is responsible for  the care of the Dog and will do everything within their power to safely maintain the  Dog, until transfer of custody to Better Together Dog Rescue has occurred.

     b) In the event Adopter finds a suitable alternative home for the Dog, Adopter will  notify Better Together Dog Rescue, provide Better Togethers' contact information  to the new adopter, and make them aware of Better Together Dog Rescues  Lifetime Return Policy.

4) If ever the Adopter receives notice that the Dog is, for any reason, impounded by local law enforcement or animal control authority and Adopter is unable to reclaim the Dog, they shall immediately:

     a) Inform the authority that the Dog is covered under Better Together Dog Rescues  Lifetime Return Policy and request they contact Better Together Dog Rescue.

     b) Contact Better Together Dog Rescue to inform them of the Dog's location and     condition, and not agree to or allow the euthanasia of the Dog prior to such                 communication.

5) Assumption of Risk: Adopter understands and agrees that the ownership of any animal carries with it certain inherent risks. These risks include, but are not necessarily limited to, the risk of personal injuries, illness or other hard to Adopter, other people, animals and property. By entering into this agreement, the Adopter agrees that they expressly and knowingly assume those risks of pet ownership in connection with the adoptions of the Dog.

6) Adopter agrees to read and sign the ADOPTION RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY, ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT for Better Together Dog Rescue.

7) This agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, regardless of Adopter's state of residence.

8) Audio-Visual Images: Adopter understands that the activities of Better Together Dog Rescue are potentially of interest to donors, foundations, contributors, government officials, and the public and large, and that in connection therewith such activities, including adoptions, may be recorded on film video, or other electronic recording media. Adopter hereby consents to such recording and to the use by Better Together Dog Rescue of any recorded images or other media recordings of Adopter's name and likeness for any purpose related to furtherance of the objectives of Better Together Dog Rescue. In particular, Adopter grants Better Together Dog Rescue permission to copyright and use, reuse, publish and republish recorded images or other media recordings, without restriction as to changes or alterations, for art, advertising, trade, or other purpose.

9) Email: By providing Adopter’s email address, they agree to receive email updates from Better Together Dog Rescue. Adopter can unsubscribe at any time.

10) Per the Commonwealth of Massachusetts law, if Dog is not fixed, Adopter agrees to fix Dog by six months of age, providing proof of spay/neuter to Better Together Dog Rescue. If proof is not provided, Better Together Dog Rescue has the right to reclaim the Dog.