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Creating a meaningful logo will keep you inspired!

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

What is a logo?

A logo is a combination of an image and text that allows consumers to recognize your company with one quick glance. It is a major part of a company's brand, showing their vision and, if done right, their professionalism. In creating a company's logo, it should be something meaningful and different from others in the niche they are working in.

Fun fact: The 5 most recognized logos in the world are:

#1 Apple

#2 McDonald's

#3 Coca-Cola

#4 Nike

#5 Starbucks

The Story Behind Our Logo!

When deciding on the logo for Better Together Dog Rescue, I wanted something simple, universal and meaningful. When a personal story is behind a logo, it invites the follower in. My husband and I adopted our first dog from PawSafe in 2008, about six months after we purchased our first home. We were in the market for a puppy and that was all the criteria we had. We went to the adoption event and held many little fuzzballs that all deserved a loving home. One puppy in particular would not stop kissing my husband's face. He laid it on thick. When it came to making a decision, we opted to adopt this little guy because we knew that black dogs have a harder time being adopted from the shelters. It took us a few days, but we named him Foster and he was the most loyal and loving companion. Foster was around for the birth of both our sons and remained an excellent big brother to them until the day he passed from cancer in 2017. My little artists always asked me to draw them a picture of Foster that they could then color or paint. The picture was always the same, a simple sketch of a dog face that resembled Foster and his cute ears. When thinking about the logo for Better Together Dog Rescue, I immediately thought about this sketch. I sent it off to my friend at Pioneer Media Works and he helped me turn it into a reality. I was so overcome with the result that I cried. That is the meaning behind our logo. Foster was the most #perfectlyimperfect dog there was and seeing his face in our logo inspires me everyday.

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